The Power of the Team

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Growing up in the Atlanta, Georgia area, high school basketball is huge and there is top talent across the state. According to, the best high school basketball states in the nation are California, Georgia, Florida, New Jersey and Texas.

There are 601 high school basketball programs across Georgia. The highest concentration is in the Greater Atlanta region, which is home to about 5.5 million Georgians. For comparison, there are only 201 high school basketball teams protecting their home court in Nebraska. I played varsity basketball for the Blessed Trinity Titans and during my senior year, our team made it to the Sweet Sixteen State Finals. We didn’t have a team of seven footers nor future NBA prodigies. For the past nine seasons, since the high school was founded in 2005, the program boasts an impressive 186 wins which equates to an average 20 wins per season. Many talented players have played for Blessed Trinity, but we have not had any players go to the NBA nor top 25 college basketball teams. During that time, we accumulated one state runner-up, one Final Four, one Elite Eight and five Sweet Sixteen appearances. Making it that far in the Georgia State Finals was no easy task. We beat teams that had seven footers and top 25 college basketball recruits. How did we do it? Working as a team and getting the most out of each team member!

I joined Carson Wealth because of the elite team culture except this time, we have a team of seven footers and top ranked team members! Our competition is much larger than my basketball experience fighting to be number one out of 601 high schools in Georgia. Carson Wealth’s team is one of 21,505 Registered Investment Advisors across the nation. Since Carson Wealth was founded in 1983, Ron Carson has built and led an ever growing talented team to deliver an unmatched client experience, offer Wall Street caliber investment strategies and provide clients dedicated, proactive Wealth Planning. To promise an unrivaled wealth management and wealth planning experience to affluent families, business owners, executives and institutions across the country, Ron logistically couldn’t do it alone. Each client of the firm does not have just one person working for them, but they have a passionate team of talented professionals working around the clock to discover and pursue each client’s unique desired outcomes. Similarly to my high school basketball team, Carson Wealth has had, and continues to have, success in making it to the top rankings across the industry. In 2014, Carson Wealth’s team was inducted into Barron’s inaugural Hall of Fame. Inductees were among the nation’s top Registered Investment Advisors who had appeared on Barron’s list since its inception in 2004. While I am proud of our accolades, working as a team to exceed client’s expectations is the most rewarding experience.


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