Let’s Talk About Midterm Elections and Your Investments

This week was midterm elections and we’ve had many questions about what it all could mean, which we’ll tackle in today’s blog. We consider it a great honor to vote, and while we may not know the final results of the election for days (or even months), what we do know is the election will …

Considering Tax Loss Harvesting? What You Need to Know First

Kevin Oleszewski, CFP® Senior Wealth Planner As the tax year draws to a close, many high-income investors will look to reposition their portfolios to intentionally generate losses as a way to offset gains — an investment strategy known as tax loss harvesting.

Week of April 20

Written by Ben Rosholt, Wealth Advisor It’s official…I don’t even know what emotion I am feeling right now. The stock market continues to stabilize and there is talk of reopening the economy, but I find myself leery of how this is all going to work. Do we just decide to re …

Week of April 13

Written by Ben Rosholt, Wealth Advisor Finally some positive news! The state of New York is starting to see positive results from the procedures that have been put in place. Topics for this week… Checking in on the Stimulus money Economic Update Stimulus Money We have received word th …

Week of April 6

The introduction of new economic news appears to be slowing. This makes for a good opportunity to revisit some areas that could benefit from some additional details.

Week of March 31

This has been a week of seriously mixed emotions. The pandemic is entering a new phase nationally that has brought with it tragic, real-life, consequences. At the same time, the stock market appears to have taken a step back from the “Holy Sh**!” volatility that we have been experiencing fo …

Week of March 23

Written by Ben Rosholt, Wealth Advisor I am astounded by how quickly my way of life has changed! Two weeks ago, Meghan and I ventured into the Canadian wilderness for a ski trip that I had been planning for 2 years. While we had limited access to television and internet, we didn’t use …

Volatility is Back! (And So Am I)

My last blog post was on April 3, 2018. I have been keeping a list of topics to write on but none kept my interest long enough to gather my thoughts. Well, there is nothing like volatility to break a case of writer’s block.

Why We Are Changing Our Brand

Published by Scott Ford, Managing Director, Partner We have exciting news to share! On February 20th, 2019, Cornerstone Wealth Management will become Carson Wealth Management Hagerstown! Why are we rebranding? Because we believe that, in this case, 1+1=10. By rebranding and strategically pa …

Are Stocks Overvalued?

Written by Ben Rosholt, Wealth Advisor I recently hosted a dinner for  Krishna Memani, Chief Investment Officer of Oppenheimer Funds. Oppenheimer Funds claims to have more than $245 billion in assets under management. (It sure looks more impressive when written like this…$245,000,000,000) S …

From the Other Side of the Desk

Written by Ben Rosholt, Wealth Advisor The day should have felt normal. I was getting ready to spend a few hours talking about financial planning; goals, concerns, cash flow, insurance, investments, traditional vs. Roth, blah, blah blah. But this particular day was different.  I wasn’ …

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