About Ben


As a Wealth Advisor for Ovation Wealth Advisors, Ben wears many hats and serves as his clients’ go-to resource for all things investment and retirement planning. If anything needs problem-solving, strategizing, or planning, Ben is always happy to roll up his sleeves and get to work. He specializes in retirement planning, retirement income strategies, financial planning, investment and wealth management – and in philanthropic/endowment strategies.

A graduate of Luther College and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, Ben held an eclectic list of careers (including lift operator, gardener, and school bus driver) before finding his place in the financial services industry. Being a CFP® professional means that Ben is committed to consistently furthering his education. His fiduciary promise compels him to always act in the best interest of his clients.

Though Ben has successfully worked with a variety of people, he is particularly adept at guiding women, divorcees, surviving spouses and those who want to ensure their investment and financial planning strategies align with their personal pledge to be environmentally and socially conscious – especially those approaching retirement.

A problem-solver at heart, Ben believes that the best days are the ones that start with a random question and end with an answer – a challenge he gets to take on with his clients daily. Ben’s hero is his grandpa, Norman, a man who, despite his hard background, never complained and always taught Ben what a privilege life is. It’s that mentality that Ben tries to continue in his grandfather’s footsteps.

Ben has an insatiable desire for travel and can frequently be found browsing travel apps on his phone and planning the next trip to take his wife, Meghan somewhere interesting. He also enjoys living vicariously through his clients and their trips and is always happy to provide travel tips and recommendations! He loves getting away from the daily routine, exploring new places, and seeing how other people live. In addition to traveling, he enjoys trying different cuisines, collecting wine and staying active outside with biking and skiing.

Ben Rosholt maintains 100% of the beneficial ownership of Ovation Wealth Advisors